Eric Bischoff returns to TNT, Jon Moxley defends title


AEW Dynamite airs from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. Jon Moxley put the AEW Championship on the line against Darby Allin. Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy also had a panel discussion with a special moderator on tonight’s show.Dynamite Results (8/5)

  1. Dark Order def. The elite and the FTR
  2. Best friends def. Santana and Ortiz
  3. Cody and Matt Cardona fight. Alex Reynolds and John Silver
  4. Big Swole def. Reba
  5. Jon Moxley beats. Darby Allin to retain AEW Championship

Here are 6 takeaways from this week’s show:

Dark Order scored a victory

Brodie Lee, the Exalted of the Dark Order

The Elite and FTR battled Dark Order in a 12-player tag team match to start the show.

Recap of the match: Brodie Lee and Nick Jackson started the action. Matt scored and blasted Brodie in the face with a Dropkick. Young Bucks tried to beat Brodie some more but exploded out of nowhere with a clothesline that knocked Matt and Nick down.

# 9 scored and Young Bucks beat him in the corner. Omega scored and went for the cover but Evil Uno and Grayson broke it. FTR, Page, and Omega connected to a triple Suplex on Dark Order for another close drop.

Dark Order took control and isolated Kenny Omega in the ring for the next few minutes. Omega hit back with a Backbreaker and tagged Dax Hawwood. Dax hit No.5 with an elbow in the face and followed him with a header for a count of two.

Cash scored and planted Grayson with a Back Suplex. Hangman tagged him and No.5 rolled him up for an imminent fall. The Elite teamed up on Five and beat him. Nick Jackson took out part of the Dark Order with a flip outside the ring.

Harwood twisted his knee and Kenny contacted him. Omega hit a Powerbomb but Dark Order broke the cover. Dax was helped backstage by the rest of the top flight as Kenny was alone in the ring. Matt jumped onto the apron and scored. Brodie planted Matt with a Slam and Stu scored.

Dark Order beat Matt and Colt Cabana hit a Splash for a close fall. Hangman Page went behind the scenes with FTR as Dark Order dominated Omega and the Young Bucks. The hanged man returned to the ring and planted No. 5 on the apron. Page climbed to the top rope and hit a Dark Order Moonsault outside the ring. Brodie Lee leveled Hangman with a massive Lariat for the final victory.

Santana and Ortiz wrecked Trent’s mom’s car

Best Friends faced off against Santana & Ortiz tonight on Dynamite.

Recap of the match: Santana beat Chuck and scored in Ortiz. Chuck quickly turned the tables and led Ortiz to the corner. Trent scored and went to work on Ortiz’s arm. Trent connected with Double Knees and followed him up with a Northern Lights Suplex for a close drop.

Trent hit Santana with a Tornado DDT, then delivered a Cutter to Ortiz. Best Friends shared a hug as Dynamite headed to a commercial break. When Dynamite returned, Trent and Ortiz were exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. The action spread outside and Ortiz threw Trent into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Santana scored and hit Trent with Backbreaker for a count of two. Chuck Taylor eventually came back and hit Santana with a Michinoku pilot for an imminent fall. Chuck followed with a Falcon Arrow for another two count. Santana planted Trent with a Powerbomb for a count of two. Ortiz scored and was wound up by Trent for the final victory. Santana and Ortiz then went to Trent’s mother’s car and hit her with a hammer several times.

Best friends then called Santana and Ortiz cowards for destroying Trent’s mom’s car. Best friends have said they want a rematch and after beating them, Santana and Ortiz will have to apologize to Trent’s mom on the speakerphone.


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