Equipment seized in Harlow as new illegal rave rules take effect


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Police d’Essex

Police seized thousands of pounds of equipment in Harlow on Saturday afternoon

Thousands of pounds of equipment have been seized as new lockdowns on illegal gatherings take effect.

Since Friday, police in England have been able to impose a fine of up to £ 10,000 on organizers of illegal gatherings of more than 30 people, such as raves.

Police in Harlow, Essex, seized equipment ahead of an unlicensed music event on Saturday afternoon.

The force urged those planning to attend such events to “think again”.

Ch Insp Lewis Basford said the force “would seek to identify the organizer and bring him to justice.”

He added: “My last message is to the organizers: we’re going to grab the equipment – I don’t care if you rented it from someone or if it’s yours, we’re going to put your event on hold, and we can now fine you. to £ 10,000. ”

Meanwhile, West Midlands Police said they had dealt with around 90 reports of possible violations of the restrictions “but we did not have to use our enforcement powers”.

West Yorkshire Police said a man was arrested after playing at a street party in Wepener Mount, Harehills.

Five other people present at the rally were fined and Superintendent Chris Bowen said the force “is hopeful people will recognize the continuing risks of holding or participating in events like this.”

Interior Minister Priti Patel said the legislation represented a crackdown on “the most serious violations of restrictions on social distancing”.

But Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh said the legislation would mean “absolutely nothing” to enforcement in London.

“People just set up a music box in the middle of the street and say ‘it’s not mine’, this is utter nonsense,” he said.


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