Epic Games CEO considers Apple’s App Store activity “the most uneven in history”


Apple was charged with anti-competitive practices as the US House Judiciary Committee investigated the company for potential antitrust issues primarily related to the App Store. Following Tim Cook’s testimony at a public hearing this week, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney slammed Apple saying the company is imposing unfair conditions on developers.Sweeney said in an interview with Bloomberg that he tried to contact Apple on several occasions regarding the App Store subscription model, but the company refused all requests. He also mentions that Epic Games has contacted Apple to ask for the option of launching the Epic Games Store on iOS, but Apple’s lawyers have sent a letter denying the request.

This is by no means an acceptable situation for a platform for a billion users. […] And you know these are fallacious arguments. They aim to support unfair trade practices.

Epic Games is the company behind the popular game Fortnite. When asked about Google’s relationship with developers, Sweeney said that while the company has similar practices with the Play Store, users can install apps from different sources on Android. “Apple’s playing field is the most uneven in the history of technology products,” he said.

The CEO of Epic Games also argues that Apple is enforcing anti-competitive practices by not allowing developers to build apps that compete with other apps created by Apple. “They have rules that say bluntly that you can’t make software that rivals the categories of Apple apps that we do as a key to our platform,” Sweeney argues.

Apple takes 30% of any transaction made in its own App Store system. This includes apps sold, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. After some developers accused Apple of abusive and anti-competitive practices, the company reduced its commission to 15% when the user pays for the subscription for more than a year.

Tim Cook said at this week’s hearing that Apple’s commission is fair because it helps the company maintain the entire App Store platform. Apple’s CEO also suggested that dissatisfied users could migrate to Android. With more developers criticizing Apple’s platform, it looks like this antitrust discussion is just beginning.

You can watch the full interview at Bloomberg website.

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