Environment Canada calls for lightning and winds Friday and Monday – BC News


Environment Canada is monitoring the possibility of a thunderstorm Friday night, but says temperatures for the remainder of the long weekend look better than expected.

“We expect a few thunderstorms to develop later this evening, some could be severe in places, the outlook for the weekend may be a bit cooler (than they were before), but fine until maybe Monday, then there’s another cold front, ”says Environment Canada meteorologist Doug Lundquist.

The forecast for Friday evening is predominantly cloudy with a 70 percent chance of showers in the evening and overnight with a risk of thunderstorms.

Weekend temperatures are expected to cool down a bit, but are expected to stay in the low 30s, “there is a chance for a wind maybe and maybe another thunderstorm on Monday. ”

Lundquist said he was concerned about lightning due to the high level of wildfire danger in most Kamloops firefighters.

“People need to be really safe when building campfires and the heat – it’s still hot and people need to stay hydrated and out of the heat. ”

Lundquist says it is essential for anyone building a campfire to take extra care to ensure the fire is completely extinguished, especially on Mondays, as the wind could pick up and it wouldn’t take much for a embers ignite and start a forest fire.

Lundquist also says the first part of August appears to remain warm but seasonal, “medium to high 20, maybe a little warmer than average, but not the near-record temperatures we have had in recent days. “


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