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There is blue in the sky now but the shower was heavy and the men in shorts with brooms toss large puddles of water out of the covers. All the referees can offer us is another inspection at 12:10. If there was a crowd, they might be tempted to boo.


This is Tony White, in the “south-east” of France. I don’t know if that means southeast, southwest, or further south. “Since there seem to be rumors about the respective qualities of Messrs. Buttler and Foakes,” he thought to himself, “wouldn’t it be possible to play them both and alternate them, one taking the gloves off for? each round? Is it illegal, heresy? Enjoy your day, I’m going to party. I seem to remember Scyld Berry, the eldest of our tribe, making the same suggestion when Buttler and Jonny Bairstow were both in the XI. Wicket keepers tend to run ten races less when knocked out. But captains like to be consistent and have the same hub in the center of the commissioning side. Besides keeping the wicket and mounting rescue missions, Buttler has a third role on this team, as Joe Root’s left arm.




An email from Sir Richard. Hadlee? No, Woods. “Living in China like I do,” he says, “I can only enjoy half the day of play before I sleep. Of course, I make up for the OBO overs that I missed when I woke up. When Crawley came to his century, it was pointed out that he was the 171st player to score a century for England and that he needed 171 balls. Then I saw his score at the stumps level. This is one of the many reasons I love cricket. You will never guess what Crawley is doing now.


The rain stops playing

Mid of 96th place: England 336-4 (Crawley 171, Buttler 91) Against Abbas, Buttler actually has to use his bat more than once in a row. He takes another single, playing very straight and giving the winger a big inside edge. Mohammad Rizwan, who may be the best wicket keeper in the world now that Sarah Taylor has retired, sends for a helmet, but before he can resist the stumps, they for the rain. The 25 minutes were beautifully uneventful.


95th plus: England 335-4 (Crawley 171, Buttler 90) Back to Shaheen giving Buttler balls to go. Finally, there is one on the strains, which Buttler comes in a little uncomfortable for a single. He is only in the 90s for the second time in his Testing career, and the first while keeping the wicket.



93rd out: England 334-4 (Crawley 171, Buttler 89) Works! Buttler gets a short one from Shaheen and guides him well beyond cover for two. Then it’s back to boring stuff, too big to bother.



91st over: England 332-4 (Crawley 171, Buttler 87) Shaheen throws four balls in a row off Buttler’s stump. And then two which are a little less wide, but still easy to leave. Either Pakistan has decided to fight its way to a wicket, or Shaheen’s radar is off – scrambled by the Spitfire.

11 h 01

It’s Shaheen Shah Afridi to start things off, which is Azhar Ali’s astute display of faith. He manages not to open with a no-ball, but instead approaches a wide.




10 h 59

There is something in the air at the Rose Bowl. This is the “Thank you NHS” Spitfire. Only in England.

10 h 51

Chair selection alert






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