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Jos v Jonny v Ben v Jos v Jonny“Morning Rob,” John said. “Am I the only one who thinks that despite his innings helping win the game last time around – for which Buttler deserves to have kept his place – he had another really poor day behind the stumps yesterday?” He was pulling back when Burns bombed the latch and should have been in place to take it, and he failed to stop a couple of them on the side of the leg. Maybe I’m unfair, but I guess I’m just running out of patience, and I would bet the money he’ll never get his batting average at 40. He’s just not good enough. .

I can see all three sides of this debate. I was strongly in favor of Buttler’s recall in 2018, and he hit really well for the first year. His heats the other day were also amazing. He’s in a strange position in that while all three contenders are in great shape, Bairstow is the best batsman and Foakes the best goalie. But Buttler has a unique ability and last Saturday could / should hold him accountable as much.

The hold doesn’t bother me as much as it should, especially when the ball wobbles, although it will likely cost England in Asia. I thought Foakes was treated appallingly last year, but at this exact moment I think Buttler deserves to keep his place. The only certainty is that we’ll be having this conversation in some form or another in just about every test over the next 3-4 years. And it will get even more complicated when Bairstow clears 327 of 307 balls for Yorkshire this week.

(By the way, I think an average of 40 is a red herring. Hitting has become so hard in Test Cricket – the hardest I can remember since the mid-90s – that 35 is the new 40. If Buttler averaging 35, pulling off the occasional miracle victory and holding on competently, I think England will be very happy. But my gut feeling is that in the first test in Brisbane in 15 months Bairstow will keep and hit No.7. )


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