Emmerdale star issues stern warning to women after distressing burst ovarian cyst


Emmerdale actress Natalie Anderson, who plays Alicia Gallagher, has revealed she was bedridden after suffering from a burst ovarian cyst. The star shared a photo on Instagram and described the agony of what she experienced in the caption.

She also warned her followers to listen to their bodies and have their health checked if anything affected them.

Ovarian cysts are bags filled with fluid and can often be harmless, but if they burst, they can cause severe pain and even internal bleeding.

Natalie Anderson aux Pride of Britain Awards

Sharing a stunning photo of a location near a lake, Natalie explained that she certainly doesn’t feel so glamorous now.

“I’m going back to last week living my best life by the lake.

“I was in bed all week with a burst ovarian cyst. So painful! She writes.

“Stupidly, I had left it even though it had been harassing me for months. In my head I found so many excuses that I couldn’t go to the doctors, too busy, it’s nothing, etc.

Natalie posted a back photo before her procedure

“Well that was silly because this week I was in so much pain I had to undergo several scans and lost about a week of work while I had to rest…”

She continued, “However, it could have been a lot worse if I hadn’t checked it out! To be honest, it was chatting with our gorgeous Nat @missiontoremission that really got me to do something about it.

“(If you aren’t following our amazing girl and her blog yet, please do! She’s amazing !!) Please listen to her when she tells you that if something is bothering you with your health, don’t do not wait to check it !! ”

Natalia concluded, “I’m fine if a little sore and frustrated, but things can be very different if you leave an issue untreated. Make sure you take care of yourself. ”

Her fans sent good wishes, with a handwriting: “Sorry to hear this beautiful, currently in hospital suffering from the same xxx”.

“Sorry to hear that!” Hope you are feeling better soon, ”added another.

A third wrote: “I wondered why we hadn’t heard from you for a while.


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