Embarrassed Ranvir Singh apologizes to Sean Fletcher as his ‘lover’ dog hits him


Ranvir Singh apologized profusely to his co-host Sean Fletcher on Good Morning Britain after his ‘lover’ pup hit him on Monday.Ranvir had brought his adorable dog Shmizzels to work for their morning reunion so that he wasn’t left alone.

But chaos quickly ensured as Ranvir had to apologize to his team for his dog’s razor sharp teeth.

“I feel like I owe you an apology Sean, I know it’s only six and seven,” Ranvir began.

Sean laughed at the awkward blunder

“I just have to apologize, there was a rather too romantic incident this morning, it is absolutely not Sean’s doing.

“I’m sorry my dog ​​rushed you, I’m sorry,” she said.

“I didn’t know if you were going to go! Sean laughs.

A clip played of Sean and Shmizzels playing as Ranvir explained, “This is the kind of flirtatious moment I had to bring it this morning by the way. “

Sean and Schmizzles were playing together before the puppy started falling in love

Sean recounted it, “We play with each other, this is our morning meeting, you brought your dog and I was basically a dog sitter the whole meeting, while you were doing the meeting with Ben, our producer, I had to take care of the dog.

“Because the puppies bite you, it’s all fun, and he really liked the smell of me because I have a bitch and you have a boy, and that’s where the bump started.” ”

Ranvir joked, “You turn away here, we all have too loving feelings towards you Sean, I’m not wrong, right Laura?” “

” No! Replied weather presenter Laura Tobin.

“We all have to keep our distance,” Ranvir added.

“No woman bumps me like your dog. He’s a lovely dog, but when he started hitting me I thought we had crossed the line, ”Sean laughs.

“There is a point to emphasize here, but I just wanted to leave it at home until 10 am this morning, that was a bit too much,” Ranvir said, adding that a member of the team was seated backstage.

“He has very sharp teeth, I apologize to everyone in the studio,” she said.

* Good Morning Britain broadcast weekdays on ITV at 6 a.m.


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