Elton John’s ex-wife “attempted suicide” three days after starting honeymoon, documents say


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Blauel is also seeking an injunction that would prevent future editions or adaptations of memoirs from discussing the marriage, noting that having to “relive your past permanently” has caused psychiatric damage, according to The Independent.

She states that John had to be aware of how unearthing details of her romantic past would cause her mental health issues, as she had suffered from panic attacks and bouts of depression during their time together.

In new legal documents filed in the High Court in London and obtained by The Times this week, Blauel reveals that a particular low point came just days after tying the knot, while they were on a traditional holiday in Saint -Tropez, France.

She remembers overdosing on prescription medication Valium after John informed her that “the marriage was not working and he wanted her to go” three days after their stay began, reports the BBC.

Renate Blauel and Elton John got married on Valentine’s Day in 1984, after which they went to Saint-Tropez for their honeymoon accompanied by John’s manager and personal assistant. Three days after the trip began, John told Blauel that the marriage “wasn’t working out and he wanted her to go.” Photo par GETTY IMAGES

Blauel also remembers an incident “in or around 1985” when she had to apologize for a lunch the then couple had hosted for members of the British Royal Family after suffering a panic attack while chatting with Princess Margaret.

John has previously opened up about his “huge guilt and regret” for the injury he caused Blauel during the relationship.

The singer, who “became gay” in 1988 and now has a family with film producer husband David Furnish, has denied violating the terms of their divorce agreement or causing “psychological harm” to his ex, and in a new statement Responding to the latest allegations, her legal representative Jenny Afia insisted, “Elton has always respected Renate’s privacy and will continue to do so.”

However, she described how “confusing” it was for Blauel to focus his case “on privacy when at every stage of the proceedings Renate chose to bring these claims into the public domain.”

Afia continued, “This only shows the real purpose of this claim which is to extract a large sum of money from Elton and publicly tarnish his name with lies.”
The court case is ongoing.


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