Elon Musk: Tesla Full Self-Driving to Experience “Quantum Leap” with New Rewrite, in “6 to 10 Weeks”


Elon Musk says Tesla’s Autopilot / Full Autonomous Driving (FSD) rewrite will result in improvements “by leaps and bounds”, and that the rewrite will be applied to the fleet in the next “six to 10 weeks”.As we recently reported, Tesla is undergoing “a major fundamental rewrite in Tesla’s autopilot”. As part of the rewrite, CEO Elon Musk says “the neural network is increasingly absorbing the problem.”

It will also include a more in-depth labeling system.

Now Musk has commented again on the autopilot / FSD rewrite.

The CEO says this will lead to a “leap forward”:

“The improvement of the FSD will be a leap forward because it is a fundamental architectural rewrite, not an incremental adjustment. I personally drive the advanced alpha construction in my car. Almost zero intervention between home and work. Limited public release in 6-10 weeks. “

Last month, the CEO said the autopilot update was two to four months away and would help Tesla roll out more features much faster.

Therefore, the timeline slips a few weeks.

“Limited version” generally means that Tesla will first push the update to “Early Access” owners who test an advanced beta of certain new features and give feedback before Tesla pushes it to the larger fleet.

It’s also the second time Musk has mentioned testing the alpha version of the autopilot rewrite in his own Tesla car.

During Tesla’s T2 results, the CEO said he was leaving his home to work “without intervention”:

So I have personally tested the latest alpha version of full autonomous driving software while driving my car and it really is, I think deeply better than people think. It’s incredible. So, I almost get to the point where I can go from home to work without intervention, despite construction work and very varied situations. This is why I am very confident that the full autonomous driving feature will be completed by the end of this year because I literally drive it.

Musk’s personal Model S was spotted last month, and it also features a prototype color.

Last year, Musk announced Tesla’s plan to deploy 1 million “Robotaxi” vehicles for a self-driving carpool network by the end of 2020.

This new update is essential for Tesla to achieve this goal, which Musk says is still achievable.

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