Ellen DeGeneres slammed for “disrespecting” Sofia Vergara and “mocking” her accent


Ellen DeGeneres slammed for disrespecting Sofia Vergara and making fun of her accent

Netizens have dug up previous infamous Ellen DeGeneres interviews and called her out for her toxic traits that had previously been overlooked.

The comedian’s interview with Colombian-American actor Sofía Vergara had recently been around online with users pointing out how the talk show host laughed at the Modern family the accent and pronunciations of the star.

Vergara, of Spanish descent, is one of the highest paid stars in the industry and is loved everywhere for her humor, charm and acting prowess.

Fans began to rally against DeGeneres for showing blatant disrespect to the star on his show.

A Twitter user also featured a clip of the actor from Modern family, saying the dialogue in the scene was from Vergara herself and not her character.

One user wrote on Twitter: “ [T]it way [Ellen DeGeneres] was able to process [Sofía Vergara] like she was illiterate and mute because she couldn’t talk like that [Ellen] wanted her to talk, yet [Sofía Vergara] is bilingual and ellen only speaks english… pack the racist. ”

“Thinking about how [Ellen DeGeneres] composed an entire segment of his show just to “teach an English word of the day” to [Sofía Vergara] and how she constantly laughed at her accent and “how it got worse” over the years on national television, “another wrote.

A third user suggested a way to handle the situation by saying, “Petition to dismiss [Ellen] from his own talk show and let [Sofia Vergara] host instead. “


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