Ellen DeGeneres shows DJ breaks silence over toxic atmosphere allegations on set


The Ellen DeGeneres Show house DJ, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss has had his say in the allegations of a “toxic atmosphere” on the set of the daytime show.Ellen DeGeneres was struck by a number of claims from former employees about their treatment while working on her show, but found an ally in the 37-year-old DJ.

He defended 62-year-old Ellen, saying there had “been love” on set and “will continue to be love”.

The DJ, who has been on the show since 2014, told Us Weekly, “You can’t talk too much about it legally, but I’ll say this, there was love.

“Obviously there are things to be worked out, but from my perspective and countless others, there has been love.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Ellen DeGeneres have been friends since he started the show

He continued, “I’m going to leave it there until there is a point where we can address ourselves more publicly. There has been love and there will always be love. ”

Stephen went on to say that while he looks forward to returning to work with Ellen, he will “be missed this time” as he spends time at home with his wife Allison Holker and their children.

The coronavirus pandemic had ended his involvement in filming the show and he looks forward to the time when he can get back to what he does best.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss spoke about Ellen’s allegations

He continued, “All this time at home, being able to be with the kids and the family and all that, it’s like you know the day they were like, ‘OK, it’s done, everyone’s going back to the house. work, ‘I I think everyone is going to have a little bit of separation anxiety. ”

Ellen has been hit with a number of charges since former and current staff took to Buzzfeed News with their allegations of racism and bullying behind the scenes on the show.

Prosecutors said Ellen could have done more to tackle the show’s “toxic” work culture and turned a blind eye or even laughed at some of the worst excesses.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss has worked with Ellen DeGeneres since 2014

A former employee criticized her: “If she wants to have her own show and have her name on the title of the show, she has to be more involved to see what happens.

“I think the executive producers surround her and say, ‘Everything is fine, everyone is happy’ and she believes it, but it’s her responsibility to go further. ”

The comedian apologized to all staff in a note after an internal investigation by WarnerMedia.

Ellen DeGeneres and Stephen “tWitch” Boss in the DJ booth

She told them on July 30, “On the first day of our show, I told everyone at our first meeting that The Ellen DeGeneres The show would be a place of happiness – no one would raise their voice and everyone would be treated with respect.

“Obviously, something has changed, and I’m disappointed to hear that it hasn’t.

“And for that, I’m sorry. Anyone who knows me knows this is the opposite of what I believe and hoped for on our show. ”

Ellen added, “I’m also learning that the people who work with me and for me speak on my behalf and distort who I am and that has to stop.

“As someone who has been judged and who has lost almost everything to be who I am, I truly understand and have a deep compassion for those who are looked at differently, or treated unfairly, not equal or – worse – neglected.

“To think that one of you felt this is horrible to me. ”

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