“Ellen DeGeneres Show” canceled? The EP tackles rumors and controversy


Amid a mounting controversy behind the scenes involving widespread accusations of a toxic workplace, one of the The Ellen DeGeneres ShowExecutive producers deny rumors that the series is about to be canceled.“Nobody stops broadcasting,” EP Andy Lassner insisted on social media Thursday after a fan mentioned the cancellation buzz.

Lassner’s comment surfaced just hours before host Ellen DeGeneres addressed accusations of bullying and abuse on the show’s set in a letter to her team. In the letter, DeGeneres says she always wanted her show to be “a place of happiness,” and “I’m disappointed to hear that it hasn’t been. And for that, I’m sorry. She added that once she learned of the allegations, “we immediately opened an internal investigation and we are taking action, together, to correct the problems.”

Implying that other executives on the show had failed to live up to her standards of conduct, she swears, “This will now change and I am committed to making sure that does not happen again.” (Ellen Executive producer Ed Glavin, who is at the center of several of the allegations, has been fired, according to THR.)

The allegations of the present and the former Ellen The employees, detailed in several Buzzfeed reports – including one that was dropped Thursday night after Lassner refused to cancel – range from racist comments from senior producers, to employees fired for being away to attend the family funeral, to sexual misconduct and harassment in the workplace. . DeGeneres was not directly involved in the accusations, but as a former employee put it: “If she wants to have her own show and have her name on the title of the show, she has to be more involved to see it. that is happening.”

In a statement following their internal investigation, Warner Bros. said: “We have identified several staff changes, as well as appropriate actions to address the issues that have been raised, and we are taking the first steps to implement them.”


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