Ellen DeGeneres ‘ready to quit’ after show staff accused her of activating ‘toxic culture’


Ellen DeGeneres has reportedly told the show’s bosses that she was ready to step down after accusations by staff that she had allowed a “toxic culture” behind the scenes.The host, 62, believes she won’t be able to continue with the show and the only way to reclaim her personal mark is to shut it down, a source suggested.

It comes after it was revealed earlier this week that The Ellen DeGeneres Show is under an internal investigation by WarnerMedia following reports of workplace issues on set.

A source has since told the Daily Mail that Ellen told executives at Telepictures and Warner Bros that she wanted to quit the show.

Ellen DeGeneres reportedly told show bosses she was ready to quit

The Telepictures insider told the publication, “She feels she can’t continue and the only way to get her personal brand back is to shut down the show. ”

They added that “the truth is that she knew what was going on”.

Earlier this week, staff slammed Ellen for blaming executive producers.

A staff member also told the publication, “Don’t think for a minute that what she said in that apology means anything. She created and then allowed this toxic culture to last for so long. “

Ellen feels she won’t be able to continue with the series, this has been reported

The Telepictures insider went on to say that Ellen “hates coming to work” and has “total contempt for her audience.”

The Mirror Online has reached out to representatives for Ellen for comment.

It comes after an article was published by BuzzFeed in July alleging there was a “toxic work culture,” with former and current employees telling the publication they “faced racism, fear and intimidation ”on the set.

Ellen was recently in hot water after former employees criticized her for creating a “toxic work environment”

In the article, a black employee claimed to have suffered “micro-attacks” while working on the program. She also said that a high profile producer joked about mistaking her for another black employee who had a similar hairstyle.

At the time, executive producers Andy Lassner and Mary Connelly issued a joint statement regarding the allegations.

The statement read, “We are truly heartbroken and sorry to hear that even someone in our production family has had a negative experience. It’s not who we are or who we strive to be, or what Ellen’s mission is for us, ”the group said.

“For the record, the day-to-day responsibility for the Ellen show is entirely on us. We take it all very seriously and realize, as many around the world are learning, that we need to do better, we are committed to doing better, and we will do better. ”

Last week, it was reported that staff working on the show were “delighted” that the “toxic” atmosphere behind the scenes was exposed.

Us Weekly reported that a source on the show linked to the production said, “They called and texted each other about the story.

“They love that the truth – which has been an open secret for years in the industry – is finally getting more attention. “


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