Ellen DeGeneres news: Star’s brutal reprimand on James Corden exposed amid “TV takeover” | Celebrity News | Showbiz and TV


Ellen DeGeneres has been criticized for allegations of bullying and the establishment of a “toxic work culture” on her eponymous US show – which sparked an investigation this week. Sources close to the comedian, 62, said she was ready to “shut down” the program, according to the Daily Mail. Insiders from NBC, the network that broadcasts the popular chat show, have claimed that British star James Corden may be in the running to take over and has already been named as his “long-term successor.” The 41-year-old actor, of the BBC’s “Gavin and Stacey”, has had a number of interactions with Ellen in the past, most notably on “The Late Late Show”, which he hosts. There she issued a shocking reprimand to the British funnyman.

Ellen chose not to hold back when she corrected James about misunderstanding a popular – but insulting – phrase spoken by people in South America.The TV host asked actor Patrick Wilson and Louisiana-born Disney’s “Finding Dory” star about being “southerners” and their “favorite expressions from this part of the world.”

James confessed to “never been” in the 2018 interview and asked Ellen about the line she liked the most – which prompted her to joke: “Can I have some more alcohol?”

Meanwhile, Virginia native Patrick, star of DC Comics’ Watchmen movie, admitted that his grandfather once gave a blunt description of his high school girlfriend.

James replied, “That’s the thing, that’s what I’m talking about, because I met someone from the South.”

She went on to clarify that “Bless your heart” is equivalent to patting someone on the shoulder with a disapproving frown.

Patrick tried to redeem the situation by stepping in, “That gets you out of it all, you could say ‘She’s a horrible person, bless her heart.'”

James, still shocked at the revelation, added, “Oh, I took it as ‘Oh my god she wants to bless my heart, it’s beautiful.’ ”

Continuing, Ellen said bluntly, “No, no, she didn’t! before the host added, “I was doing something really stupid at the time, so that makes sense.”


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