Elizabeth Potthast’s sister Jenn applauds haters who criticize her comments on food


Andrei and Elizabeth Castravet are 90 day fiancé Veterans. They’ve been on the show since the start of their relationship, and now they’ve got a few 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? seasons under their belts. Through it all, Andrei and Elizabeth, or Libby, have been at odds with her family.

Libby has a lot of siblings and a very involved father. Neither of them agreed with his relationship when Andrei arrived from Moldova. During the show’s final season, Andrei was able to turn the tide on his in-laws. He and Elizabeth threw a wedding in his native Moldova, Libby’s family were invited to attend.

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Fans were disgusted by Elizabeth Castravet’s family

As fans might have predicted, things did not go well in Moldova. This family loves drama, and they brought their bad attitudes with them from Tampa. Andrei’s family served traditional Moldovan food when the Potthast family arrived, but they did not eat it. Many fans on Reddit think the polite thing would have been to smile and put up with it. Eat food even if you don’t like it. Other fans believe there is a way to politely refuse to eat foods you are not interested in.

The Potthast family did not do any of these things. Instead of being gracious and eating the food, or politely refusing, they hit their hosts. They called the food “peasant food”. Although Andrei’s family did not understand what they were saying, the footage was shown on television. The family was being filmed and had to know the hosts would know what they said. Now, after facing a strong backlash, Elizabeth’s sister Jenn tries to reconsider her actions.

Jenn blamed the long flight for his behavior

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In a now-deleted Instagram video, Jenn attempted to defend herself to fans. The video was posted on Reddit and fans don’t think it made matters better. Jenn has a lot of attitude, despite the fact that the video is meant to be an excuse. Jenn claims she was exhausted from the flight and overwhelmed by the film crews. When presented with food that she did not know, she refused. Not because she was trying to be rude, but because she was too exhausted to try unfamiliar food.

Jenn didn’t name the unknown food in her video. She said that she was thirsty for “normal” food, implying that the food served to her by Andrei’s family was not normal. While not popular in the United States, the food Jenn’s hosts served her is popular throughout Eastern Europe. If she was truly sorry, she probably would have chosen her words more carefully. As it stands, fans aren’t buying his feeble apologies.

Fans don’t buy Jenn’s apology

Fans understood Jenn’s sad attempt to apologize. As one Reddit fan pointed out, it looked like Jenn was trying to prove how little she cares about what people think of her. “She pretends she doesn’t mind seeing people seeing her, but it’s totally hahahha.” This is the best part for me. Everyone now knows you’re a sloppy slut, Jenn.

Some fans believe Jenn and the rest of the Potthast family are trying to be this rude on purpose. Very dramatic couples have had a spinoff in the past, and some fans believe the Potthasts want to be the next family with their own show.

However, their strategy can backfire. If the fans are so angry that they just don’t want to watch Jenn, no one is going to produce their own show. To get a spin-off, the Potthasts have to be likable enough to keep fans coming back. The line between drama and likable is thin, and Libby’s family may not have enough balance to be able to walk on it.


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