Egypt invites Elon Musk to see for himself pyramids “not built by aliens”


Entrepreneur Elon Musk, who is used to making extravagant comments both in person and on social media, was invited to visit Egypt after he tweeted that the pyramids were built by aliens.

Was the 49-year-old SpaceX and Tesla boss serious when he tweeted that the structures, which experts say were built by humans 4,000 years ago, were built by aliens, “Obv”?

Who knows.

Regardless, the tweet, which has been retweeted over 80,000 times, was enough for him to receive a reprimand from experts who suggested he shouldn’t make any such claims or conspiracy theories.

It also earned him an invitation from Egypt’s Minister for International Cooperation, Rania al-Mashat, to learn more on his own, perhaps in person.

(AFP via Getty Images)

“I follow your work with great admiration,” she tweeted.

“I invite you and SpaceX to explore the literature on pyramid building and discover the tombs of pyramid builders. Mr. Musk, we are waiting for you

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The BBC said archaeologist and Egyptologist Dr Zahi Hawass released a video in response to Mr Musk’s claim, saying the argument was a “complete hallucination.”

“I found the tombs of the builders of the pyramids, who tell everyone that the builders of the pyramids are Egyptians and that they were not slaves,” Mr. Hawass said in a video on his Facebook page .

“The pyramids were a national project of the whole nation. Ramsees II was an Egyptian from Sharqia.

Mr. Musk later appeared to acknowledge that the pyramids may not have been built by aliens, when he tweeted another a link to an article on pyramid builders, saying, “This article from the BBC provides a wise summary of how this was done. “


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