Edo students in France approve Obaseki, laud Construction of a modular 6000 bpd refinery


Work in progress at the 5,500 b / d Edo Modular Refinery, a key legacy project of the administration led by Governor Godwin Obaseki in Ologbo in the Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area (LGA) of Edo State

Students from Edo State in France have endorsed the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Governor Godwin Obaseki for re-election.

In a statement, a graduate research student at IFP France and student spokesperson Dr Omozuwa Efe said the approval followed the governor’s determined determination to industrialize Edo State, particularly with the in service expected 6000bpd. Edo Modular Refinery under development by Edo Refinery and Petrochemical Company Ltd.

According to him, “We have studied all the candidates on the ballot and the only person who has proven himself and whose decisive progress is able to reset the state’s economy is Governor Obaseki. Edo will experience a total transformation, for example, with the Edo modular refinery.

“As an oil and gas researcher, I can confirm that we are in a generational shift in economic liberation once the modular refinery is commissioned. The refinery would produce diesel, fuel oil, naphtha, among others. The refinery will generate billions of naira and I am sure it will grow in just one year. The impact would be felt in the petroleum sector as well as other related sectors including hospitality, real estate, transport and logistics and the energy sector. This would raise the state’s rating and attract more investors from the Allied sector to the Ologbo Corridor.

“On diesel, we would invariably become the hotbed of diesel supply in the country. Diesel, used by most transport buses in and out of the state, as well as heavy trucks, is very essential. Its price fluctuation due to a variable supply, impacts the price of transport in the State. What happens in the state will play a key role in pricing products. “

He added: “In addition, gas production is inevitable in refining operations. Thus, cooking gas (mainly butane cut from crude oil) will be produced as well as fuel gas which can be sold to neighboring companies, such as Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company (WRPC) to power their gas turbines. The availability of cooking gas will also help reduce the market price of the product, as some residents of the state use cooking gas.

“The naphtha produced by the refinery can be blended to produce Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) or sold to larger refineries to be converted into reformate, another blend for PMS. In addition, with expansion plans and additional investments, in order to increase the product line, Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) can be produced by the refinery. Normally, DPK is smuggled into the state by “market women”, due to an inadequate product, which is essential to the activities of the middle and lower levels of the state. Its use ranges from the kitchen to lighting.

“Fuel oil, also called bunker fuel, is used by ships as a source of energy in transport. Our crude oil is mainly exported by sea; therefore, the fuel oil produced can be sold to ships in the delta, as well as to other means of maritime transport, ”he said.


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