Edmonton Oilers fans react with great skepticism to NHL hockey writer who blames McDavid for his “lack of personality”


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Dater covered the Avalanche for 25 years, including 20 with the Denver Post. He now runs his own site, Colorado Hockey Now.

Among the many responses to Dater’s beard was that of The Athletic’s analytical writer Dom Luszczyszyn: “It could be the rest of the team’s lack of talent and the sieve they’ve nested, not the best player in the game. the personality of the world. ”

Dater replied, “Or maybe you just look at the spreadsheets and nothing else. ”

Luszczyszyn replied: “If I watched zero hockey games this year (for the record, I have it! But nice straw man) I’m convinced that I would never say anything as stupid as these two tweets, then maybe pay attention to what you are looking at. ”

Oilers fans also weighed in with great skepticism, mocking Dater’s hot take:

Carly Dermott @carlydermott: I like it when people talk like they know something about athletes personally. You know what they do for a living and how they approach what they do for a living. It stops there.

Scott Kosman @humantorch: “He doesn’t inspire others,” he says of the man who returned from a potentially fatal injury so unbelievable that they made a documentary about it.

Rouel @itsrouel: Draisaitl wouldn’t be MVP caliber if McDavid didn’t push him. I would say McDavid is probably the most passionate player on the team and a great leader. Annoying interviewer for sure because he doesn’t really care about the media. Everything revolves around his team.

Trizent @Wizalters: Imagine thinking about how people interact with media, that’s how they interact with their friends and teammates.


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