Edmonton Oilers fan cashes massive 50/50 winning ticket as raffle fever soars


Before the puck fell in Game 1 of the 2020 Edmonton Oilers playoffs on Saturday, Oilers fan Danielle McGale was scrambling to get in line to buy 50/50 tickets.“I had a bunch of girlfriends, and we were all talking about it, we noticed the pot was hopping,” said McGale, who managed to get $ 50 in tickets before game time as his family hit the road. for a vacation in Vernon. Before Christ

During the trip, they listened to the game on satellite radio and heard their home team lose. They continued on to Vernon, but it was the next morning when McGale checked out the 50/50 draw where things got interesting.

“I think I should check and then recheck about 50 times,” McGale said.

“It was just kind of like, ‘what? I can’t believe it’s real. ‘ “

McGale and her husband Brandon won half of the jackpot of $ 762,550, taking home $ 381,275.

“It’s really crazy, honestly, it hasn’t even sunk yet,” McGale said.

“I never thought that in a million years we would win. ”

The McGales even tested their luck further, buying more tickets to Monday night’s record $ 3.2 million 50/50 jackpot in Game 2 of Edmonton’s qualifying round series. The unclaimed ticket for this raffle is worth over $ 1.6 million.

Alberta Gaming, Liquor Cannabis (AGLC) made this possible after recently allowing more fundraising flexibility with the online sale of 50/50 tickets to adults in Alberta.

“We’re very excited to play a role in this,” said Dave Berry, vice president of regulatory services for AGLC.

“For charities related to sporting events like this, I mean this is really their only opportunity to generate substantial income. ”

The response to the Oilers’ online 50/50 draws has been overwhelmingly positive, Oilers Entertainment Group spokesman Tim Shipton said, so much so that the massive response to Monday’s draw has bogged down IT servers at the foundation and steps are taken to ensure that anyone who logs on to obtain a ticket in the future will be able to do so.

“The system wasn’t perfect, we certainly got a lot of feedback from frustrated people who couldn’t access the system,” Shipton said.

The big winners in all of this, however, are the many charities in and around Edmonton who will receive a share of the huge pots that were raised this week.

“Everyone is feeling it, so these dollars will go to a very important place in our community,” Shipton said.

Next Oilers game is at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night, your chance to get a 50/50 raffle ticket starts at 9:00 a.m.


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