Edmonton Oilers 50/50 jackpot of $ 14.3 million after redemption, to be drawn next week


EDMONTON – After a long wait and many problems, a winning number will be drawn for the record 50/50 Edmonton Oilers next week. According to the Oilers Foundation, refunds for people who purchased additional tickets due to a technical issue will be processed earlier this week.

The raffle pot will still be $ 14.3 million once all is said and done, with next week’s winner taking home half the prize.

“To be very careful, we want to confirm that these monies have been received by people and verified to make sure everyone has been protected,” said Daniel Lewis, CEO of Ascend Fundraising Solutions. “We don’t know if it will be Monday or Tuesday, but it’s early next week. ”

Ascend Fundraising Solutions will check with each bank to ensure that refunds have been sent to the 12,800 people who requested them prior to the draw.

“We don’t do the toss, every time we could do the toss immediately,” Lewis said. “We are able to do it; we have a final stamp and an approval list. But we want to make sure that those moneys have been returned to the people. ”

After tickets for the draw were made available online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the August 7 50/50 jackpot broke a record as the team played against the Chicago Blackhawks in the round qualifying for the Stanley Cup Playoffs at one point. to $ 15.2 million.

But some shoppers have reported receiving “Gateway Time Out” error messages when trying to purchase tickets – then later found out that the transactions had indeed been completed.

In one case, a woman trying to buy $ 300 worth of tickets actually bought $ 1,500.

“Software is a delicate industry,” Lewis said. “We played defense throughout the qualifying round for the Oilers where every time we upgraded the systems to try and meet more demand, consumers far exceeded that demand.

“We are already addressing these issues. ”

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation will have generated approximately $ 17 million over the four 50s / 50s.

The foundation’s chief executive, Natalie Minckler, told CTV News the millions raised would be “so important” to their causes.

“It’s hard to put into words, but these dollars are… really going to be big, impactful transformational projects,” added Minckler.

The foundation typically raises between $ 7 million and $ 8 million per season after more than 40 home games.

As a result, the Oilers Foundation has said that more online raffles will certainly be considered next season.

With files from Amanda Anderson of CTV News Edmonton


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