‘Drug dealer’ cat caught with heroin and SIM cards escapes from high security prison – World News


A cat held in a Sri Lankan prison after being caught with heroin and two SIM cards has escaped, it has been reported.The feline was detected by prison intelligence officers on August 1 in Welikada High Security Prison, a police official said.

He said nearly two grams of heroin, two SIM cards and a memory chip were found in a small plastic bag tied around the cat’s neck.

Police believe the cat was trained by the same drug traffickers linked to a recent case involving an eagle that was found carrying drugs in a suburb of Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo.

The cat was suspected of attempting to smuggle two grams of heroin, two SIM cards and a memory chip

The accomplices were associated with underworld crime boss Angoda Lokka, according to The Daily Beast.

Lokka died in hiding from authorities in early July, according to local media.

Investigators hoped the cat would lead them to the smugglers’ lair, but the feline escaped from his prison room when the guards entered to feed him.

The feline is believed to have escaped through a fence.

The facility has reported an increase in incidents involving people throwing small packets of drugs, cellphones and phone chargers over walls in recent weeks, The Telegraph reports.

There was no immediate comment from the prison authorities.

However, Yahoo News reported that police would not be looking for the cat.

Twitter users reacted hilariously to the news of the cat’s leak.

One person wrote: “Don’t feel safe anymore with feared criminals like these roaming free. ”

Another added: “I have a hard time defending this cat’s poor lifestyle choices, although the narrow escape gives me hope that he will change his life.” ”

Chandana Ekanayake, the commissioner of the Department of Prisons, said during the pandemic, inmates made efforts to smuggle narcotics as visitors are no longer allowed to enter the prison.


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