DrDisrespect creates story on Youtube and hints at production company


The entire gaming world was firmly gripped by the suspense on August 7th and 8th. Two-time champion DrDisrespect played one of the most unhealthy ploys in streaming history. He didn’t have to show up, but boy, when he did he broke Youtube. Not to mention, it also made it past Ninja’s return to live streaming. DrDisrespect no longer just watches the game; he is without a doubt the most entertaining streamer on the planet. This man isn’t just a streamer, he’s a marketing and branding genius. On top of that, he knows what it takes to be a champion, and that mindset appeals to people. He didn’t have to show his face to cross the ratings. However, during his no-show, he dropped bombs on several eSports players, organizations and games.

With his return, he explained how Twitch had banned him for no reason. However, he always mentions how complex the issue is. Any sort of premature comment on these things can make it difficult in a legal dispute.

DrDisrespect alludes to his own production company

If anyone can do it, it’s him, the man has more streaming experience than anyone else. His theatricality and ingenuity know no bounds, and to top it off; he actually has what it takes to be an artist. When we look at people like Ninja, Nickmerks, TimTheTatman – they’re all great players, but Doc is just a better artist.

“It started 11 years ago, here on Youtube, and boy, oh boy, oh boy, it feels good to be back.”

Most of them can be understood if you ask this question, would you like to see Ninja stream alone? Or do you prefer Doc. It’s amazing how charismatic someone can be to entertain us themselves while playing a game.

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“As far as I’m concerned, we haven’t done anything wrong”

DrDisrespect erased his statement and then went on to talk about the “cockroach approach” and the big amounts involved. His evocative tweet from his own production company with a naughty little remark “no one does better,” proves how Doc knows how to attract viewers.

For now, it’s great to see him come back, streaming, playing, joking like he did before. It might be better to take advantage of this phase rather than asking about the Twitch fiasco. Doc showing a lot of determination in tough times and that’s why we’re sure he’ll be back on his feet in no time.

Source – DrDisrespect (Youtube / Twitter)


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