Home Sports Draymond Green shoots Donald Trump after NBA remarks

Draymond Green shoots Donald Trump after NBA remarks


Draymond Green took issue with Donald Trump’s latest comments against the NBA.

Donald Trump has always been the type to ruffle feathers whenever he got the chance. His brash personality and uncompromising opinions are ultimately what led him to enter the White House. On merging politics with the sports world, Trump has been particularly opinionated, noting that he doesn’t like the way NBA and NFL players knelt during the national anthem.

Yesterday Trump continued his attacks on the NBA by saying people are fed up with the league and viewers are fed up with seeing it turn into a political organization. As you can imagine, many players have taken big positions against the president, including Draymond Green who recently spoke to Jake Tapper about how much he dislikes Trump.

“I mean, we’re dealing with a master manipulator, probably the master of all masters when it comes to manipulating people. He took office by manipulating people, ”Green said.

Green had his own thoughts on the recent boycott of the NBA. For example, he took to social media on Thursday morning where he noted that it was important for players to keep playing because their platform is the biggest on the pitch.


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