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Drake Shows Love to Lil Wayne: “Most Selfless Artist Ever”


Drake returns love after Lil Wayne praises him during an interview with Elliott Wilson.

There is so much we can say about Lil Wayne. For starters, he’s probably the greatest rapper alive. His ability to jump into stand and freestyle punchline after punchline is fundamentally unmatched and while there are certainly other people who do beat him in other areas of music, like Jay-Z, he does. no doubt Wayne is a living legend. and deserves his roses while he can still smell them.

That’s what Drake is doing today. Elliott Wilson, possibly one of the greatest hip-hop media personalities of all time, shared part of his interview with Lil Wayne where he explains how he always believed in Drake. Leaving a comment on the post, Drake returned the love.

“This man believed in me after so many people either never called me back or just didn’t see him at first,” the “Laugh Now Cry Later” artist wrote. “The most selfless artist who never held back any of us always pushed us forward every night in faces of people 20km packed in an arena and he had a whole set of his show dedicated to presenting us during years … all the praise and credit owed to them [GOAT].  »

Lil Wayne is tasked with reviving the careers of so many of today’s big names, including Drake, Nicki Minaj and others. As Drizzy mentioned, he always found himself to share the limelight, dedicating entire sections of his live experience to directing smaller artists, like Drake at the time.



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