Dozens of Former “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Employees Accuse Producers of Widespread Sexual Misconduct


Ellen DeGeneres responded to allegations of racism and toxicity on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” first reported by BuzzFeed News. Just hours after DeGeneres responded to the allegations, a second BuzzFeed News article was published, alleging allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace.In an article published on July 16, BuzzFeed News spoke with a current employee and 10 former employees of the show, who said they face “racism, fear and bullying” on the show. workplace.

After coming under scrutiny after the article was published, DeGeneres wrote a letter to its staff, which was obtained by CBS News on Thursday. In the letter, DeGeneres said she had hoped the show would be a “happy place” where everyone was “treated with respect” and was “disappointed to learn” that it “was not. the case “.


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