Donegal crash: Mourners hear of horrific tragedy


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Father Pat O’Hagan says there has been a ‘universal wave’ of support for Geraldine Mullan

The funeral was held in Donegal for a father and two children who died after their vehicle skidded on a road and in Lough Foyle last Thursday.

John Mullan, 49, his six-year-old daughter Amelia and 14-year-old stepson Tomas died in the crash.

The mother of the children, Geraldine, managed to escape the SUV and sound the alarm.

The pastor said the family was devoted to each other and there was great sadness throughout the community.

He said it was a terrible tragedy that left the community in shock and disbelief.

Several hundred friends and neighbors lined the main street of Moville to pay homage when the three coffins were brought into St Pius X parish church.

Dark morning

Father Pat O’Hagan told those in mourning that there was palpable sadness and sorrow in the parish community and nowhere more than in the heart of Geraldine Mullan who had lost her husband and two children.

Various groups came out to form an honor guard, including the two children’s schools as well as the Sea Scouts – of which Tomas was a member – and a local GAA club.

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Geraldine Mullan’s colleagues came to support her at the funeral

The family had enjoyed a night out across the border at a bowling alley before the crash near Quigley’s Point on Thursday just before 10:30 p.m. local time.

“Outpouring of support”

Residents of Moville lined the street to pay their respects as the three coffins were brought into the chapel for Requiem Mass where Covid-19 restrictions were observed.

Father Pat O’Hagan said there had been “a universal surge” of support for Geraldine, and that he had received messages “from England, Italy, Nigeria, Brazil and Australia. “.

“There was a wave of love especially for you, Geraldine, in your loss,” he said.

He spoke about the family’s connection to the church and to the local community, saying Tómas was an alternate server for four years at the church.

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The mourners were found to pay their respects to John, Amelia and Tómas

Father O’Hagan described Amelia as a “typical girl her age” who “always enjoyed everything she did.”

“John met and fell in love with Geraldine while she was breastfeeding his late mother, Philomena, whose 10th birthday was last Thursday, a date forever etched in the minds and memories of the Mullan family, and now also the Connaughton family, ”he said. .

“He and Geraldine devoted themselves not only to each other as husband and wife and best friends, but also to their children, as good, honest and hardworking parents who raised their children and their children. learned by their own example to be people of the Faith. ”

Father O’Hagan added, “We need the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit of God today more than everyday, for there are so many things that we cannot understand, so many words that we cannot understand. can’t find, so many prayers that we have a hard time saying. “


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