Donald Trump says Anthony Fauci is “wrong” about the cause of the Covid-19 surge | American News


Donald Trump launched an extraordinary attack on his own infectious disease expert, Dr.Anthony Fauci, arguing against the doctor’s claim that high rates of infection in the United States are the result of a less aggressive response to the virus by terms of economic closures and policing. home orders.“Wrong! The president replied, retweeting a video of Fauci providing the update in a recent congressional testimony.

Fauci had explained that the differences between the spike in infections in the United States and a sharp decrease seen across Europe could be explained by different reactions to the virus. Fauci said most European countries shut down their economies by 95%, while the United States only shut their economies by half.

Trump replied, “We have more cases because we have tested a lot more than any other country, 60,000,000. If we tested less, there would be fewer cases. How did Italy, France and Spain do? Today, Europe unfortunately has outbreaks. Most of our governors have worked hard and smart. We will be back STRONG! ”

But Fauci’s point accurately describes the situation in the United States. While some states followed the Centers for Disease Control guidelines when they began to reopen, many did not, leading to increased infections in many southern and western states, a explained Fauci.

“Some states did it very well, some didn’t,” he said, adding that many are doing better now through improved testing.

As Trump faces the presidential election in November, he has sunk in the polls against his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. Much of this loss of support can probably be attributed to Trump’s lackluster response to the pandemic, which has now claimed more than 150,000 American lives and has seen the United States contract more than 4.5 million cases – by far the highest numbers in the world.


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