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It happened as the president shared a video clip about the multi-billion dollar fortune of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. It was Saturday that President Trump mentioned that changes were to be made soon. He then tweeted a Business Insider video showing how the country’s richest tech leaders only got richer during the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment.The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, was shown in the report to have raised $ 48 billion between March and June.

It is also said to be worth around $ 117 billion.

However, Mr. Bezos is not the only billionaire to see his income increase.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan saw a raise of $ 2.5 billion.

Meanwhile, Microsoft chief and now owner of LA Clippers, Steve Ballmer, earned an additional $ 15.7 billion.

At the height of the global pandemic, US billionaires earned a total of around $ 637 billion.

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This is according to BI.

On Twitter, President Trump said, “I actually agree with that. Too much income disparity! Changes must be made, and soon! ”

The president’s comments come days after a high-profile congressional hearing in which lawmakers accused Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google of crushing rivals to boost profits.

Over the years, some of America’s biggest tech companies have come under fire for their enormous power and wealth.


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Power and wealth have led to calls for their regulation.

Mr Bezos has also been criticized for his immense wealth.

In particular, when it comes to the issue of wealth disparity in America, the billionaire is accused of greed.

The billionaire has come under fire after it was made public that he avoided paying income taxes in 2018.

It also comes amid increasing pressure on Republicans and Democrats to finalize a deal for a fourth stimulus package.

The government’s $ 600-a-week unemployment benefits expired this week.

Trump vowed Thursday that he would press Congress to include another round of checks for Americans in the fourth COVID-19 stimulus package.
It is similar to the checks for $ 1,200 that were handed out and signed by the president earlier this year.


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