Donald Trump leaves and cuts the interview after grilling on the bypass of Congress VIDEO | World | News


The US president has been questioned on several occasions about his decision and the possibility of speaking with the Democrats after their split. President Trump left the stage during the press conference in Bedminster, New Jersey after a reporter repeatedly asked him if he was setting a new precedent that the president was above Congress.

A reporter asked, “Why not just work with Congress on this deal? “President Trump replied: “

Well, I’m not saying they won’t come back to negotiate, they might very well come back and negotiate. ”

Another reporter said: “

Mr. Speaker, this is expected to be linked to the courts.

“This relief is going to be delayed or blocked indefinitely. “

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President Trump said, “I think this is going to go to court very quickly.

“If we’re sued, he’s someone who doesn’t want people to get money.

“Okay and it’s not going to be a very popular thing. “

The reporter asked: ”

Are you trying to set a new precedent where the president can walk around Congress and decide. ”

President Trump intervened: “Have you ever heard of the word obstruction?

Earlier this week, a former US senator said Donald Trump is “killing” the Republican Party and driving out future generations of voters.

Jeff Flake told BBC Newsnight: “For the Republican Party, it’s not good for the people, the voters, the citizens or anything.

“Just in terms of what he’s doing in the party, he’s killing us as Republicans.

“Our brand is tarnished, we are now in a demographic deadlock. “


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