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US President Donald Trump fueled a discredited conspiracy theory about Joe Biden’s Democratic vice-candidate Kamala Harris that suggested she might not be eligible for the White House.

Born to a Jamaican father and Indian mother in Oakland, California, in 1964, Ms. Harris would be America’s first black and Asian vice president if Mr. Biden won the November election.

Mr. Trump – who for years led the false movement says “birther” who cast doubt on former President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship and eligibility to serve – told reporters he had “heard” that she “was not eligible.”

Kamala Harris vise Trump

He was responding to a question about an article in Newsweek by John Eastman, a conservative law professor, who questioned Ms Harris’s eligibility under the U.S. Constitution because both of her parents are immigrants – a theory that the critics have called it “racist”.

The president said during a press briefing: “I just heard today that she does not meet the requirements and besides the lawyer who wrote this article is a very qualified and very talented lawyer.

” I do not know if that’s true. I would have assumed the Democrats would have checked this out before she was chosen to run for vice-president. ”

He added: “But it’s very serious… you say that, they say she is not eligible because she was not born in this country. ”

The reporter responded that Ms Harris was born in the United States, but the allegations suggest that her parents may not have been lawful permanent residents at the time.

Earlier Thursday, Jenna Ellis, one of Mr. Trump’s senior legal advisers, reposted a tweet from the leader of the conservative group Judicial Watch, which questioned whether Ms. Harris was “ineligible for the post of vice president under the “Citizenship clause” of the US Constitution.

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US Constitution states that an American leader must be a citizen by birth – what constitutionalists say 55-year-old California Senator eligible.

In his essay, Professor Eastman points to Article II of the constitution, saying: “No one other than a citizen by birth… may be eligible for the office of president. ”

Her argument rests on the idea that Ms. Harris may not have been subject to “full” US jurisdiction if her parents were, for example, on a student visa at the time of birth. of their daughter.

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Experts in constitutional law quickly put an end to the conspiracy theory, noting that the constitution is clear.

Josh Chafetz, a professor at the Georgetown University Law Center specializing in constitutional law, told the website: “To be president you have to be at least 35 years old, have resided in the United States for at least 14 years. years, and be a “born citizen” (article II, sec. 1 of the Constitution). In addition, one cannot have already been president for more than a term and a half (22nd amendment). ”

He also called the conspiracy theory “racist nonsense”.

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Meghan McCain, the daughter of former Republican candidate John McCain, tweeted: “This is a crass and dark trend in US policy on birth qualification that is clear and obvious. Stop. ”

John McCain has faced questions about his eligibility for the presidency, given that he was born on a US naval base in Panama.


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