Domestic and international flights with confirmed cases of coronavirus in Toronto


More domestic and international flights arriving and departing from Toronto have been identified as carriers of COVID-19 cases.According to the Government of Canada, two more domestic flights landing at Toronto Person International Airport have carried the virus in recent weeks.

On July 26, WestJet flight WS658 took off from Calgary and landed in Toronto with passengers in rows 15-21 most at risk for the coronavirus.

And that same day, another Westjet flight, WS3123, departing YYZ and landing in Thunder Bay, identified rows 26-32 as being the most at risk.

Government of Canada

Internationally, other flights have been identified since July 24, including an Air Canada flight AC849 from London to Toronto and another by airlines on July 25 from Frankfurt – AC873.

On the same day, an Air India flight – AI187 – left New Delhi with passengers in rows 38 to 45 most at risk and a flight with Qatar Airlines, QR767, also arrived in Toronto on July 25 with cases of COVID -19.

Another Air India flight, AC187, was exposed to the virus which arrived in Toronto from New Delhi on July 28. Also that day, an American Airlines flight, AA4901, arrived from Philadelphia with the passengers in rows 2-14 most at risk.

Government of Canada

The federal government insists that any passenger who recently returned to Canada must self-isolate for 14 days. This is mandatory whether or not symptoms are present.


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