Do you remember the Mercedes-AMG One? It is ready for high speed testing!


With the likes of the Aston Martin Red Bull Valkyrie and Gordon Murray T50 hogging all the supercar limelight lately, it’s high time we heard from AMG’s candidate.The Mercedes-AMG One, first revealed in 2017 – with deliveries promised 18 months later – has been delayed by the scale of the technical challenge of squeezing a championship-winning F1 hybrid engine into a streetcar. The disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic will have done little to help.

But ultimately AMG declares that the 1000hp + PSU is ready for final testing, announcing that “for the first time, project managers have also authorized testing of the fully electrified and highly powered hybrid PSU. complex with its full power ”.

Finally, the AMG One was released from the dynos and laboratories. Seen here on the test track at Mercedes’ proving ground in Immendingen, Germany.

However, we are told that One’s next destination will be “the Nürburgring North Loop”. Ladies and gentlemen, the long wait for AMG’s hybrid hypercar may just be about to pay off with some rather telling lap times.

The powertrain in question is a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 derived from the dominant 2016 Mercedes-AMG W07 F1. Like the single-seater, it uses F1-style MGU-H and MGU-K heat recovery and kinetic energy engines to increase efficiency and boost power.

Unlike an F1 car, the One has to be able to start at a button in cold weather, idle at 1,280 rpm instead of 5,000 rpm, and be driven by simple (so rich) mortals not named ‘Lewis Hamilton’ “.

Persuading the engine to accept all of the above, comply with emission laws, and still deliver the correct noise, horsepower and rpm above 11,000 rpm has been what AMG’s top engineers have been doing. could politely call it “a little scraper”.

Meanwhile, the One’s aerodynamic stuff is also starting to show its value. AMG tells us that “the complex interplay between the various active components such as the awnings, air outlets in the front fenders or the large rear spoiler now confirms its effectiveness even outside the wind tunnel as a means of delivering lateral dynamics. exceptional car ”.

The first of 275 copies of the One is set to be delivered to their buyers who are patiently waiting next year, each having shelled out £ 2million for the honor.

Before that, we hope to find out if AMG’s road-approved F1 can indeed hit 0-124 mph in under 6.0 seconds, top out at 217 mph, and if it really does, as claimed by the former AMG boss Tobias Moers, “Ring” as a fast-forward GT3 racing car “…


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