Disney’s Mulan will travel to Disney + and cost $ 30


Disney’s Mulan has been the victim of several COVID-19-related delays and was recently taken off the schedule completely after being pushed back from its August 21 release date. However, during a quarterly earnings call, Disney Creative Director Bob Chapek announced new release plans.

Mulan will be heading straight to Disney + on September 4 – but there’s a catch. It won’t be included with the Disney + monthly subscription, but will instead be provided under a Chapek video-on-demand price called “premium access” for $ 29.99.

It’s unclear whether that price will be for a single viewing of the movie, a timed rental, or repeat views, or how many devices or shared user profiles will be able to access the movie once it’s paid for.

Chapek also clarified that Mulan will be sent to theaters in “certain markets” on September 4, subject to safety regulations.

Chapek explained that Mulan is currently considered a “one off” for digital releases and that while the company is closely monitoring its success on the platform, there are currently no plans to repeat the process for major films. Upcoming Disney, like Black Widow, which is still scheduled for release on November 6.



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