Discover the exquisite flavors of France at Blue by Alain Ducasse and celebrate Mother’s Day with a special menu


                                        Découvrez les saveurs exquises de la France au Blue by Alain Ducasse et célébrez la fête des mères avec un menu spécial                                     

Découvrez les saveurs exquises de la France au Blue by Alain Ducasse et célébrez la fête des mères avec un menu spécial à partir du 8 août 2020 à ICONSIAM

Bangkok (July 31, 2020) – Discover the flavors of France at Blue by Alain Ducasse, 1st floor of ICONSIAM, which will reopen on August 8, 2020. The contemporary gourmet restaurant, the first and only in Thailand from legendary French chef Alain Ducasse will offer a slightly adapted format that will include the possibility of living a culinary experience all day. Additionally, Executive Chef Wilfrid Hocquet has creatively prepared a special Mother’s Day Celebration Class Menu, created exclusively to mark this special day.

With its reopening menu, customers can still taste the restaurant’s signature “blue crab, tomato water jelly, golden caviar” which is placed on an aromatic tomato jelly which is cooked for 12 hours with aromatics, spices and chili peppers, and is lightly garnished with poached blue crab before an exquisite golden caviar crown is placed to finish the dish. Executive Chef Wilfrid Hocquet has redesigned the menu to offer classic French dishes with a modern interpretation such as lobster thermidor which is poached then served with different textures of artichokes and finished with a lobster juice in cognac. This dish can be followed by “Frozen and roasted peach, lemon balm”, a revisit of Peach Melba which bridges the gap between classic and modern French cuisine.

Blue by Alain Ducasse will continue to offer its customers a taste of contemporary French cuisine, but it will now be offered throughout the day. Blue suggests this is an “all day menu” priced at THB 1,650 ++ for a three-course menu from noon to 6 p.m., with three options for each course. During the evening, guests have the choice of a la carte options or two different tasting menus. The first one being a five course menu priced at THB 3250 ++ and those with a bigger appetite can select the seven course menu priced at THB 4950 ++.

On Wednesday August 12th Blue will be offering a specially designed Mother’s Day menu, two menu options are available with a six course menu filled with delicacies priced at THB 4,850 ++ including items such as crab with caviar , pan-fried foie gras, Wagyu Beef and Chocolate from the Manufacture Alain Ducasse in Paris. On top of that, if customers prefer a lighter option, a three-course menu that includes options from among the larger menu items is available at THB 3,550 ++. Go ahead and spoil your mom with an unforgettable dining experience at Blue by Alain Ducasse.

In partnership with CitiBank, Blue by Alain Ducasse offers its customers the possibility of coming in four and paying three when booking the Blue Experience with the CitiBank card. This offer is available from August 20, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

Blue by Alain Ducasse is the first restaurant in Thailand that the world’s most famous chef, Alain Ducasse, opens under his name in November 2019. Alain Ducasse is the first chef in the world to win 3 Michelin stars for a hotel restaurant – the ‘Le Louis XV’ at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. He is also the first chef in the world to have three restaurants awarded 3 Michelin stars at the same time. Its 31 restaurants in 10 countries are awarded 21 Michelin stars and Thailand is the 10th country. The legendary chef is renowned for the great personal attention paid to the smallest details of the total dining experience. The restaurant was recently awarded a place in the “Top 20 Best Restaurants in Tatler Thailand for 2020”.

Discover an authentic taste of French cuisine while enjoying panoramic views of the Chao Phraya River at Blue by Alain Ducasse, ICONLUXE, 1st floor, ICONSIAM. For more information or to book, please call 02-005-9412 or send an email to [email protected]



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