Devastated Katie Price says she will be on her back for six months after breaking her feet in Turkey


KATIE Price faces six months on her back with broken feet – admitting she is “gutted” after documents confirm the worst.

The former glamor model, 42, broke both heels after jumping off a wall in a nightmarish accident while on vacation in Turkey.

Katie Price on her way to the clinicCredit: w8media

Yesterday she went straight to her surgeon at Fortius Clinic in West London. Katie emerged with new casts and in a wheelchair as she was helped by a clinic worker. The mom of five then moved on to a new chair in her favorite pink.

After leaving the clinic, Katie posted on her Instagram that she had just received “devastating” news – but without going into detail.

However, The Sun Online can exclusively reveal that Katie has learned that her recovery could take up to two years – and that she may not work for six months.

A source told us, “Doctors say she won’t be able to walk for six months or put weight on her feet.

She was helped up the stairs in the clinic9
She was helped up the stairs in the clinicCredit: w8media
The star broke her feet in Turkey


The star broke her feet in TurkeyCredit: w8media

“She needs major surgery on her feet as soon as possible because it’s worse than anyone thought.

“Recovery could take up to two years. She won’t even be walking around until 2021. She’s really upset and can’t believe it’s that bad. ”

Katie hinted at the bad news on Instagram, writing, “I just finished my appointment with my consultant and surgeon about my feet.

“After more scans, the news is absolutely devastating. I’m empty. “

She was helped out of the car9
She was helped out of the carCredit: w8media
The star in tight boots


The star in tight bootsCredit: w8media

After her two hour appointment with a consultant, Katie looked grim as she left the clinic.

She had been repaired with fresh boots on her damaged limbs and had been helped in her wheelchair.

The mother of five was then carried and placed in the back seat of her car before heading home.

Friends tried to cheer her up by driving her to a nearby restaurant for a bite to eat.

Katie had been rushed to A&E in Belek, Turkey, after the nightmarish crash at Land of Legends a week ago.

Katie with her boyfriend Carl9
Katie with her boyfriend CarlCredit: Instagram
Katie comes home


Katie comes homeCredit: Instagram

Earlier this week, Katie was forced to deny claims she faked her injury when a troll accused her of “covering up.”

The fan said Katie was pretending to have broken both heels – but getting her bunions removed.

A bunion is a painful lump where the big toe connects to the foot. This can be caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes for long periods of time.

Katie was traveling with her new boyfriend Carl Woods, her children Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, and a few friends.

Loose Women Star Gets Her Son Ride With Peter Andre, Junior9
Loose Women Star Gets Her Son Ride With Peter Andre, JuniorCredit: Instagram

She now faces the prospect of not being able to walk for six months. She hired a rehabilitation expert and former footballer Fred Murray to help her recover.

Fred worked with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl after breaking his leg at a concert in Sweden in 2015. A source said: “Katie works with Fred from the exclusive Remedy health service.

“He’s the best in the business and one of the best people in the UK.

“He will have to teach her to walk again while her feet heal.

Message from Katie from vacationing in Turkey with boyfriend Carl Woods, 31, and children Junior, 15, and Princess, 139
Message from Katie from vacationing in Turkey with boyfriend Carl Woods, 31, and children Junior, 15, and Princess, 13

“It could take months, but if anyone can do it, they can.

Katie also moves in with Carl after only a month of dating. He’s been looking after her since the accident and they’re looking for places in Essex.

A friend revealed: “Katie has realized she will have to move because the one she is currently in is not wheelchair accessible.

“She was talking about moving in with Carl before the holidays in Turkey and being together 24/7 only encouraged her to officially move in together.

“They are looking for a home in Essex this week and can’t wait to live together.

“They are extremely loved and her kids gave her a thumbs up. She is in heaven.

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