Derrick Lewis promises to be even scarier after more weight loss, ready to ‘finish’ Curtis Blaydes next


Derrick Lewis already has the most knockouts in UFC heavyweight history, but he thinks that after shedding a few more pounds he could be even more terrifying when he sets foot in the Octagon.

The Houston native closed the UFC Vegas 6 card on Saturday night with a punishing performance, finishing Aleksei Oleinik with vicious punches in the second round. Prior to the fight Lewis improved his training regimen and, although he tipped the scales at 265 pounds, he looked in better shape than almost all of his previous fights in the UFC.

According to Lewis, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his potential now that he’s approaching his fighting career with a bit more focus and discipline.

“I owe it to the fans,” Lewis said at the post-fight press conference. “I owe it to everyone who supports me. I really have to take things more seriously than I have been.

Lewis has said in the past that he is not the most dedicated fighter when it comes to his workouts. But now he’s looking to change that.

With plans to lose another 15 or 20 pounds before competing again, Lewis expects an even better performance when he returns to the UFC for his next fight.

“I really eat what I want and have been training for over 30 minutes this camp,” said Lewis. “We just trained a lot more. I ate bass again [fish], I always ate Popeye and stuff like that. I just trained more. Of course, I’ll be a lot faster, a lot more agile, a lot more aggressive and everything.

“I definitely have to drop 15, 20 pounds to feel comfortable in there, and you’ll really see something scary coming out of me for sure.

While his immediate plans involve a ride home to see his family, followed by diet and training to get his weight in order, Lewis knows that as a No.4 rated heavyweight, there are many many options for his next fight.

He mentioned names like Francis Ngannou and Alistair Overeems as potential opponents, but he had barely left the octagon before his compatriot Curtis Blaydes called him.

Judging by his comments, Lewis would gladly accept this challenge.

“It would be perfect to fight Curtis next,” Lewis said. “All he’s going to do is try to grab me and hold me and try to win a decision. He won’t try to finish me. If he tries to finish me off that’s fine, but I think I can take Curtis down and punish him on the court.

“Yeah, put that on the title. Make the headlines, go for it. Type. These are the headlines here. I’ll take Curtis Blaydes and finish him off.


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