Derek Dietrich shows them how it’s done as Rangers rally against Mariners


So all it took for the Rangers to figure out how to hit was to bring in the dude that I might have seen before?

Well, apply the baby oil, get a tan, grab your gold chains, rip a few sleeves and have those biceps ripped, because the Derek Dietrich Rangers are 1-0 and score seven points per game as Texas finished a full comeback victory after trailing 4-0 in the sixth inning.

With the win, believe it or not, the Rangers are one win away from coming back .500 and they have now won back-to-back playoffs.

Thanks, AL West!

Game player: Dietrich had two singles, one double, hit via a HBP, stole a base and scored two points in his debut for Texas. It felt like a breath of that crisp air after a thunderbolt that the offensive had missed for weeks.

following: Days off for the Rangers continue to be crammed into the first third of the season as Texas takes off Thursday before opening a series in Colorado against the Rockies on Friday night with Lance Lynn ready to take the call in the opening match.


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