Demolished coal-fired power station in Bay County


HAMPTON TWP, MI – The former Consumers Energy Weadock plant in Hampton Township was demolished on the morning of Saturday, August 29.

Images of the demolition were broadcast live on the Consumers Energy Facebook page and viewed via an MLive video above.

The Bierlein companies in Midland used an “explosive blast” technique to remove the last major structural remains from the plant. Bierlein was chosen as the replacement contractor to complete the demolition project after being briefly interrupted in 2019 when a contract worker was injured after a water tower and other mechanical equipment fell prematurely on the roof during the demolition process.

The plant was closed in 2016 and demolition began in 2017 due to the commitment by consumers to reduce carbon emissions by 80% and phase out the use of coal to generate electricity. by 2040. One and two coal units in the neighboring Dan E. Karn Generating Complex are expected to retire in 2023.

After more than 75 years of generating electricity for the region, the Bay County power plant, which produced around 310 megawatts of electricity, retired its last two units, located near the mouth of the Saginaw River, in 2016 .

The power plant’s closure in 2016 was primarily aimed at meeting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s mercury and air toxics standards that Consumers Energy was expected to meet by April of this year.

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