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Elvis Presley’s death is the one that has sparked a slew of conspiracy theories over the years, with some calling for further proof of his disappearance. Some have even claimed to have seen Elvis since his death, although none of these claims have ever been proven.

His then-girlfriend Ginger Alden spoke in 2014 about his time with Elvis in her autobiography, in which she also described the horrific circumstances in which she had found him on the day of his death, August 16, 1977.She said, “Elvis looked like his whole body had completely frozen in a sitting position using the commode, then fell forward, in that fixed position, directly in front of her…

“It was clear that from the moment it hit him until the moment he landed on the ground, Elvis hadn’t moved.

This version of events certainly implies that he died while sitting on the toilet, although others at the time said he was found in his bathroom.

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Others, including Brian Vine of the Daily Express, said he died in hospital, with the article on the front page of the Express: “Elvis Presley, the King of Rock, died at the hospital last night after being sick at home.

The 42-year-old star was found unconscious at her Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

“He was taken to the Baptist Hospital in a fire ambulance and medics fought for 30 minutes in a futile attempt to save him…

“Memphis Police Department detectives are investigating ‘strong possibility that death was the result of drug overdose.’ “

As for Elvis Presley’s cause of death, this is also something many disagree with, with some claiming it was related to drugs in his system, while others claiming it was he had an allergic reaction to codeine, which he used due to a dental. procedure.

Initially, the coroner released the statement that Elvis had died of “cardiac arrest” with others later claiming he had various health issues such as an enlarged heart that could have added to it.

After various reports, the cardiac incident was named the cause of death, although it is widely believed that Elvis’ drug use and other health issues contributed to his incident.

Who did Elvis leave his fortune to?

Over the years, Elvis has not been left with the huge sums of money one might expect, despite estimates placing his lifetime earnings between $ 100million (£ 76million) and $ 1 billion. dollars (762 million pounds sterling).


Elvis would have liked to spend his money on family and friends, and it has been alleged that the king ran out of money every now and then.

However, after his death the figure he would have in his bank account was only $ 5million (£ 3.8million) and a lot of debt, meaning that the names of his executors estate, including Priscilla Presley and her father Vernon, had little to work with.

They also had to pay a large IRS estate tax of $ 10million (£ 7.6million) after the IRS determined that the actual value of Presley’s estate was worth more than the meager amount previously. valued.

Moreover, according to Forbes, the royalties on a large majority of Elvis’ music belonged to RCA, after his manager, Col. Tom Parker, sold them for just over $ 5 million.

This meant that his family couldn’t even expect a large sum of money on the royalties, compounded by the fact that Colonel Tom had a 50% commission on everything he did for the king, so the Elvis’ reduction was only $ 1.35million (£ 1m).

Colonel Tom was ultimately sued to be taken out of Elvis’ future work income, and all agreements that stipulated Parker’s “exorbitant” fees were terminated.

Luckily, Priscilla took matters into her own hands and turned Graceland, Elvis’ home, into a tourist attraction, which helped grow the estate significantly to around $ 100 million in 1993.

In 1993, Elvis ‘daughter Lisa Marie turned 25, meaning she became eligible to inherit Elvis’ money directly from her will, as she was the primary heir to his huge fortune.


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