‘Deadliest Catch’ star Nick McGlashan shares photos in memory of Mahlon Reyes


Deadliest Catch star Nick McGlashan posted some cute throwback photos on social media this week in remembrance of teammate Mahlon Reyes. Reyes died of a heart attack on Sunday July 26, his wife said TMZ. McGlashan had photos full of fond memories to keep the good times in mind.

McGlashan posted a photo on Thursday of a smiling crowd of people making a rock ‘n roll sign with their hands, before news of Reyes’ passing spread widely. It showed McGlashan and Reyes taking one knee in the front, with a family of all ages crammed behind them. McGlashan wrote the hewas “laughing, crying and remembering our brother Mahlon Reyes from Summer Bay”. He geotagged the photo in Montana, US – Reyes’ home where he died last weekend.

McGlashan posted another photo on Monday, which showed himself and Reyes laughing at work. They appeared to be standing on a boat or dock with their hands on a railing and rope, respectively. Both sported big smiles, and McGlashan wrote, “Miss you in this place. RIP Mahlon. ”

Both messages elicited condolences and best wishes from fans for McGlashan and the Reyes family. They gave a little warning ahead of time for any news to come, e si TMZ didn’t break history until the wee hours of Saturday morning. The outlet spoke to Reyes’ wife, confirming that he was deceased.

Reyes reportedly had a heart attack on the morning of Saturday, July 25 at his home in Witefish, MT. He was taken to a local hospital and, thanks to prompt medical intervention, survived the initial heart attack, but was unable to regain consciousness. The family made the difficult decision to remove him from intensive care on Sunday. He was surrounded by loved ones.

The family noted that Reyes had no known pre-existing conditions that could have caused the heart attack, leaving them all the more shocked. Reye was only 38 years old. The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office is seeking an autopsy and toxicology report to be sure of Reyes’ cause of death.

Reyes was known to fans as an expert crab fisherman on Discovery’s deadliest catch, working on the crews of the SEabrooke and Cape Caution. He was recovering from a torn Achilles at home – an injury he suffered on the job – but expected to return to Alaska for the start of the next fishing season.


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