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Over the years of Big Brother we have seen questionable gameplay and most people would think that in a Big Brother All-Stars season the HGs would know how to play this game. Boy were we wrong! David’s inability to play this game strategically is not only going to burn his game (or lack thereof), but it also begins to burn the game of everyone else around him.

While there was a lot of questionable conversation throughout the day, let’s start with David’s group chat with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh (10:15 p.m. BBT on cameras 1 and 2). The conversation started with David telling Bay and Day something that came up in his conversation with Janelle about Day campaigning against him last week in an attempt to keep NicA.

Day asked him if he believed her and he told her he had heard it from others too and Bay asked who these others were. He tells them that Cody and Tyler told him about it too, he told them he didn’t believe them. Day tells him that she is going to check what he tells her and explains to him that she plays the game like him.

Bay mentions that the fact check is fair, but it will put his game in jeopardy and blow up his game. Day asks if anyone says something that is causing a division between them, doesn’t he want to get to the bottom of it. ? David asks if that’s not true and Day tells him that she literally put her stake on the line for him.

Day asked him if people told him that and he was so convinced of it, why did he go back and tell NicA that Day was voting for him and with his vote he had enough to stay? He tells her that he never said his name (he did).

It doesn’t stop there …

He then goes to Tyler’s house (11:40 PM BBT 3 & 4) and admits he screwed up and told Bay and Day everything they talked about. Tyler is upset and reminds David he’s not playing HOH next week. David tells him that Tyler isn’t even the target next week, Kaysar is still the target.

Tyler tells him that if he told Bay and Day that he (T) was the source of it all, they would end up suing him. Tyler says he was finally in a place where he thought Day trusted him and now she never will. He tells David that if Day is coming after him and he’s not in the house, there is no one in the house to protect David.

David tells her that Day is mad at him now because he didn’t come to her sooner with this information. Tyler tells him he’s leaving next week now, his game is over. Tyler spent a lot of time explaining to David why this was such a silly play move. Tyler asks him if he mentioned that Dani and Nicole were Tyler’s back source and he said no, so Tyler says he can try to pin him down on Janelle and Kaysar.

Before bed, Tyler talked about going after Day before she could follow him. He knows he’s completely screwed up and doesn’t know why someone like David was brought into an All-Star Season.

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