Daughter of Burnaby nursing home man with active COVID-19 cases says health protocols are not being followed


BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – A woman whose elderly father lives in a nursing home in British Columbia with active cases of COVID-19 says the facility is not following proper health protocols.Heather was visiting her father at the George Derby Center in Burnaby last week and says she is worried about her father’s health.

“It was like a zoo there,” she says. “There were so many people, the patients treated on the ground floor sitting in wheelchairs next to each other.

Staff also did not use a temperature gauge on visitors and did not provide hand sanitizer to anyone before entering the building, according to Heather.

“My father has just entered there, he was doing perfectly well in this other place, it was much better, and when I saw that it was not at all the same, not the same quality of care .

Heather says she hasn’t said anything yet, but when she got home and talked to a friend, it made her realize the number of protocols not being followed.


Two cases of COVID-19 reported at the Burnaby health care facility on Friday include an unrelated worker and one in a resident’s home, according to Fraser Health.

The George Derby Center is a “care campus” which includes an independent residence and a long-term care home.

The staff member works at the independent living facility, Derby Manor.


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