Danny DeVito on Colin Farrell playing his iconic penguin role in the Batman


Before the recently released trailer for The batman, Danny DeVito shared his thoughts on Colin Farrell, who will play The Penguin in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film.

DeVito played the well-dressed villain – whose real name in the comic book series is Oswald Cobblepot – opposite Michael Keaton in the 1992 film Batman Returns.

Ask by Collider While he had any helpful advice for the Irish actor, who debuted as The Penguin this weekend in the film’s first trailer, DeVito revealed, “I haven’t spoken to him since, but I can not wait to be there.”

the Mathilde star said he had high hopes for Farrell’s portrayal of the role, saying, “I think whatever happens he’s going to be great because he’s a great actor.

“The only thing he has to worry about is Oswald Cobblepot will show up at his house,” DeVito joked before adding his Penguin growl.

Colin Farrell as the Penguin in Matt Reeves’ The Batman (Warner Bros / YouTube)

Farrell made headlines when the first trailer for The batman filed Sunday (23 August). Fans were shocked to see the 44-year-old dramatic transformation.

the In Bruges star looked completely unrecognizable using prosthetics. One Twitter user wrote: “Wait, Twitter is bothering me or is it really Colin Farrell as Penguin in the Batman trailer?

The trailer also got fans a closer look at Robert Pattinson in the lead role, as well as Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman. Actors John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard and Andy Serkis will also star in the highly anticipated film.

Due to delays related to the pandemic, The batman will be released in October 2021.


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