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Good evening and welcome to the LIVE coverage of Daniel Dubois vs Ricardo Snijders Evening Standard.

Dubois is on a collision course with fellow Londoner Joe Joyce, the two scheduled to meet on October 24 in a fight twice delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Joyce was fortunate enough to get rid of the cobwebs last month, passing through Michael Wallisch in three laps.

It’s Dubois’s turn to fight tonight, against Dutchman Snijders as he looks to make another statement to the rest of the heavyweight division.

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Dubois vs. Snijders

Here we go!

As a reminder, the WBO international heavyweight title is up for grabs here.


Time of the main event. Daniel Dubois and Ricardo Snijders are about to join us.

Pretty perfect from Sunny Edwards. Despite this potentially injured ankle sprain in 10th, he sailed brilliantly at the end of this competition.

Sunny Edwards defeats Thomas Essombia via unanimous decision

Score cards:

116-112: Edwards

117-112: Edwards

117-111: Edwards


Edwards vs Essomba | Round 12

Essomba keeps coming up with those big rights, but Edwards is content to stay out of trouble at this point in the fight.

Esssomba’s final applies pressure in the last minute, forcing Edwards up the ropes but it’s too little too late.

It should be a win for the Croydon man by a comfortable margin.


Edwards vs Essomba | Day 11

Edwards is not as nimble after this ankle issue, but Essomba is still unable to put him under sustained pressure. It’s a tighter lap, but no real problem for Edwards.


Edwards vs Essomba | Tour 10

Edwards runs lightly over his ankle at the end of the round – he changes positions to see the round for pressure relief and finishes it quite comfortably.

But it will interest Essomba if it restricts the movement of Edwards who has been first class.


Edwards vs Essomba | 9th day

Essomba throws a punch after the break and throws a punch. It was more out of frustration than out of spite.

Essomba is taking a few more risks ahead – he has to, trailing far on the cards – but Edwards picks him at the counter on a few of these occasions.

A bit disjointed on his part in this round, he needs a big finish.


Edwards vs Essomba | Round 8

There’s a lot of talk between the two in this round – maybe Essomba demanding Edwards and swapping?

Three or four times Essomba throws that big right – it comes a little too far and Edwards leans out of the way.


Edwards vs Essomba | Round 7

Edwards momentarily imbalances Essomba but the Cameroonian stabilizes in time to avoid follow-up shots.

A clean turn for Edwards – Esssomba was back in this game but his opponent seems to have recognized this danger and regained control.


Edwards vs Essomba | 6e heat

Essomba can punch – he almost makes Edwards’ chin shake with a nice right hook against the ropes, but is missing an inch.

Still a lot of effort from the Cameroonian who may be making his way in this contest now. We give it that ride.


Edwards vs Essomba | Tour 5

Again, the classier stuff comes from Edwards, who takes another turn despite being better for Essomba. We’ve brought it all five so far.


Edwards vs Essomba | Tour 4

Edwards shows off that superb footwork again, dodging a rushed attack from Essomba and slicing him with the left on the way out.

Right now, Essomba’s best chance is to lure Edwards to stand up and trade. The man from Croydon has resisted this temptation so far, but his opponent finally gets some joy at the end of the fourth.


Edwards vs Essomba | 3e tour

Edwards draws Essomba in with a smart foot feint and counterattack beautifully – it’s a very skillful performance from the champion so far.

Essomba rushes in with a big blow but Edwards glides effortlessly out of the way – Essomba almost rolled out of the ring he’s thrown so much behind it.


Edwards vs Essomba | 2ème round

High level stuff from Edwards that effortlessly changes positions to land on Essomba. Another trick for the Croydon man.


Edwards vs Essomba | Tour 1

Not much in the first round – perhaps Edwards’ smarter work, especially in the last minute of the round.


Edwards vs. Essomba

We are in progress.


A tough test for Sunny Edwards next – he defends his IBF international super fly title against Thomas Essomba.

Fury in the house

Tyson Fury is ringside at BT Sport Studios – take a moment to appreciate the costume.

Full map

  • Daniel Dubois vs. Ricardo Snijders
  • Sunny Edwards vs Thomas Essomba (IBF International super flyweight)
  • Sam Maxwell vs Joe Hughes – (WBO European Super Lightweight)
  • Willy Hutchinson contre Luke Blackledge
  • Sam Noakes vs. TBA
  • David Adeleye vs. Phil Williams

Start date, time and location

Dubois vs Snijders takes place at BT Sport Studios in Stratford, London. The action starts tonight from 7 p.m.

Ring rides for the main event are expected around 10 p.m.

How to watch

The map will be televised live on BT Sport 1 with coverage starting at 7 p.m. BT Sport subscribers will be able to stream the match online through the video player and the BT Sport app.

Fight prediction

With 13 knockouts in 14 fights for Dubois, it will only end in one direction.

Snijders comes in as a late replacement and as the Dutchman amassed an 18-1 record he is fighting outside his native Netherlands for the second time.

The 26-year-old lost the lone bout to Joel Tambwe Djeko for the IBO Intercontinental cruiserweight title in points in May 2019.

Nothing but an early knockout for Dubois – within two laps.


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