Daniel Dae Kim launches Walk of Fame campaign for James Hong


Illustration from article titled Daniel Dae Kim Launches Fundraising Campaign to Make James Hong a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Photo: Amanda Edwards (Getty Images)

Look: we don’t say that Big problem in little China and Kung Fu Panda (and Leaf runner. And Wayne’s World 2. And Tango & Cash. And…) star James Hong works a lot, but the last time we tried see his IMDB page (439 credits, and no signs of slowing down), our Chrome tab exploded. Hong is one of the most prolific actors in the world, period, with a resume that spans huge chunks from movies, TV, video games, voice acting, etc.

All of this presumably contributed to a call from actor Daniel Dae Kim on social media this week, pointing out to the planet as a whole that it’s kind of bullshit that James Hong doesn’t have a star on the Walk. Of, attractive to Hollywood tourists. Fame. (And yes, we know, the Walk of Fame is kind of bullshit anyway. B But it could at least be bullshit that acknowledges James Hong’s composure.) This man epitomizes the term ‘working actor,’ and that doesn’t even take into account everything he’s done to help better represent actors of color, ”Kim praised Hong for both his work ethic and contributions to the arts, and invited fans to help raise the $ 50,000 needed to make him a star. the walk.

By NBC NewsMarch producer Ana Martinez responded to Kim’s campaign by saying the organization would be happy to consider Hong if he “approves the nomination in writing” when nominations for new stars open in March next. She also said the group discouraged GoFundMe campaigns to raise money for stars in general, though, because what if the actor in question isn’t selected? To which we can only answer a), it is James Hong, and b), if by some bewildering fate, James Hong is found to be less influential in Hollywood history than several dogs and Alvin and the Chipmunks, then funds could still be put towards multiple statues of James Hong, to populate all the national bases that have had racist assholes torn off in recent months. (And although this idea is obviously very goodKim states in the GoFundMe post that in the event that Hong is not accepted for the Walk in 2020 or 2021, the funds will be donated to charity on his behalf.)


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