Dana White: With victory at UFC 252, Daniel Cormier’s exit from MMA would be neck-to-neck with Georges St-Pierre


A single fighter could match Daniel Cormier if he is able to reclaim the UFC heavyweight belt from Stipe Miocic on Saturday night at UFC 252, according to promotion chairman Dana White.

“He would be neck and neck for the biggest outing with [Georges] St-Pierre, ”White said Wednesday in a live chat with Yahoo! Sports Kevin Iole. “I mean, GSP went with the title, then came back, took the 185-pound title, then walked away. “

Cormier has said his trilogy with Miocic will be the last fight of his decorated career. The former two-division champion is aiming to make his second UFC heavyweight title win his swan song, although White and Cormier’s team believe he could continue to compete at a high level.

If that’s all for Cormier, White said that’s one hell of a way out.

“The beautiful thing about this one is that it’s probably the best trilogy we’ve ever had in the UFC, and it’s for the heavyweight championship, and to determine who the GOAT is,” he said. White said.

St-Pierre’s return in 2017 was welcomed by the Whites, but the subsequent retirement of the once-dominant welterweight was not a bright spot. After UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov attempted a fight with St-Pierre, White balked at the idea, claiming the former champion had “bailed out” on a promise to defend the weight belt. means he had captured in Michael Bisping. Recently, however, White has changed his mind about seeing Nurmagomedov vs. St-Pierre.

White hasn’t figured out what he wants to do with the heavyweight division if Cormier wins and then leaves the belt vacant. When asked about a potential fight between former title challenger Francis Ngannou and current light heavyweight king Jon Jones, the UFC executive was hesitant to sketch out any plans.

“It’s a lot of ifs,” White said. ” We’ll see what happens. “

White wonders less what happens to the heavyweight division and more about how a classic rivalry will play out.

“Normally I can tell you what I expect from a fight,” he said. “I don’t know what to expect. I expect these guys to start hitting like they did in the first two fights. Where it’s going from there, I have no idea.


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