Damian Lillard update: Trail Blazers star to leave Disney bubble after injuring right knee


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Damian Lillard was set to miss Game 5 of the Portland Trail Blazers’ first-round series against the Los Angeles Lakers with a sprained right knee, the team announced on Tuesday, but as we know, that game never ended. product.

The Blazers are trailing the Lakers 3-1, and with Lillard, their season will likely end when games resume as the nearly fully loaded Lakers attempt to knock them out without their best player after games rescheduled Wednesday night.

If that was the case for Lillard, her performance, on the whole, has been disappointing in this series. In parts of four games he has played, Lillard has averaged 24.3 points per game on just 40.6% shots from the field. These numbers, in a vacuum, are good. But Lillard has averaged 37.6 points in Portland’s eight league table games with 49.7 percent shots, so her performance in the Lakers series lags by comparison.

It was the same for his team. The Blazers went 7-2 in their first nine games in Orlando, then won the opener against the Lakers to give themselves a real chance to upset. The Lakers destroyed them from there, winning the next three games by a total of 49 points, and many more were razed during the garbage time. Since Game 1, the Lakers have been the far superior team.

Assuming the Lakers are going about business in Game 5, whenever it can be, the Blazers will be sent home after a round for the third time in four years, twice at the hands of Anthony Davis. Lillard turned 30 during the break, and CJ McCollum will be 29 before the start of next season. The Blazers are running out of time to build a real contender around their back core, and while their chances of knocking down the Lakers have never been great, losing an opportunity like this through injury is another playoff disappointment. for Portland.


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