Daddy’s farewell to his dying wife cost him his life


– It was a farewell that probably cost him his life, and it was worth it. So say the family of Sam Reck, a 90-year-old Florida man who died Aug. 1 of COVID-19 – whom he likely contracted while saying a final goodbye to his wife JoAnn three weeks before. Both died of the disease at the Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center. His daughter tells the register that “he knew the risks. There was nothing of us that could have done anything to dissuade him. He would somehow have gone there to see her. And his son wrote on Facebook that he specifically asked his father if he regretted the visit after learning he had COVID. “Not a second,” was his response. “He said that whatever happens he was very happy to have had the opportunity to say goodbye and hold her hand once again. ”

Indeed, WTSP reports that video of their last visit shared by the family shows Sam in PPE telling Joann, “I’m finally going to hold your hand after all these months.” ” the register reports that Reck’s dedication to his wife was reported earlier in the pandemic: the two lived in facilities adjacent to Lakeland. JoAnn, 86, suffered from dementia and Sam spent most of her day in her bedroom. This practice was forced to end when the state banned visits to nursing homes, but staff helped Sam continue to see JoAnn several times a week: they coordinated the couple’s schedules and locations so that Sam could be on her second story balcony while JoAnn was seated. in a dining room below him. They have been nicknamed “Romeo and Juliet” accordingly. Read it big Book full article here. (Read more stories about coronaviruses.)


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