Cuomo to update quarantine list as New York virus numbers stay in check – NBC New York


What there is to know

  • The governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut implemented a joint quarantine restriction at the end of June for travelers from viral hotspot states; travelers from certain states must self-isolate for 14 days
  • The national death toll topped 171,000 this week, according to NBC News estimates; Governor Andrew Cuomo says out-of-state travel exacerbates threat of breaching COVID precautions at home
  • New York has maintained a low infection rate despite its phased regional reopening; Cuomo says progress is priority for the future

Keep the infection rate low. This is New York’s primary goal as it continues its fight against the coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. The two main threats to sustainable progress, he says, are out-of-state travel and local non-compliance.

On the first front, the governor implemented a joint travel restriction with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont at the end of June, requiring travelers to the region of the three States from the viral hotspot states be quarantined for 14 days. The list, updated weekly based on a seven-day moving average of the percentage of positive tests, currently has 31 states plus Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Some states have improved significantly in recent weeks – or at least slowed the growth of cases – but eight states and Puerto Rico are still seeing a percentage increase in COVID cases over the past 14 days, according to data from NBC News. Fourteen states and Washington DC are seeing a plateau in cases and 20 states are seeing some type of percentage decrease.

Enforcing the quarantine was a logistical challenge. New York City recently implemented random checkpoints at key entrances to the five boroughs to help inform travelers of the quarantine order and help with compliance. Cuomo also asked out-of-state travelers to fill out contact forms at New York City airports.

The goal is to prevent the record-breaking COVID outbreaks that swept across much of the country last month from triggering a resurgence of cases in New York and New Jersey, which have long been the two hardest-hit states by the pandemic and remain the most affected in terms of total confirmed virus deaths. So far, it works.

Daily percentage of positive tests by New York region

With the whole of New York State in a phase of reopening, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is focusing on daily monitoring test results in each region to identify potential hot spots before they emerge. Here is the latest tracking data by region. For the latest county-wide statewide results, click here

New York continues to report its lowest rates of virus hospitalization and intensive care since mid-March; New Jersey has reduced its transmission rate by nearly 1.0 after experiencing a spike in the rate of party-related infection last month. The signs of improvement are clearly evident, prompting Cuomo to accept the return of gyms and museums to New York City as early as next week after a shutdown of several months.

New York residents may have to wait a little longer than Monday before they can resume their workouts at the indoor fitness centers. Cuomo says all gyms must be inspected by individual locations before reopening. There is a glut in all five boroughs, and the mayor’s office is focused on inspecting and preparing the city’s 1,800 school buildings for the safe return of students in September.

A spokesperson said Monday that city hall planned to develop a “rigorous inspection program” for gyms in the “coming weeks”. Mandatory precautions include all-weather masks, social distancing, health screening, and a 33% capacity cap. Gyms are still closed for the time being in New Jersey, although Murphy said late last week that he hoped to find a way to safely reopen them, along with indoor dining, soon.


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